Some Of The Services We Offer

  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Small Claims Court matters- claims up to $25,000
    • Drafting of claims and defences
    • Appearances at court for Settlement Conferences
    • Trials
    • Drafting of any document for a proceeding
    • Slip and Fall
    • Contract disputes
    • Unpaid invoices
    • Overcharges by suppliers
    • Anything where you feel your rights may have been violated or you have been treated unfairly
  • Matters before Boards and Tribunals - a limited list includes:
    • The Landlord and Tenant Board
    • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
    • The Financial Services Commission of Ontario
      • SABS - Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule claims - in relation to automobile accidents (some limits may apply)

  • Provincial Offences
    • Tickets - e.g. speeding, and other offences under the Highway Traffic Act
    • Liquor Offences
    • Dog Owners Liability
    • By-law issues
  • Criminal Summary Convictions - criminal offences with a maximum $5,000.00 fine, imprisonment of up to 6 months, or both

This list of services is not all-encompassing.

Please call a licensed Paralegal at Graham Scott Legal Services to learn more.

Free consultations are by appointment only.

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