The Scope of Paralegal Practice in Ontario

In Ontario, Paralegals may only provide legal services in certain areas of law, as permitted by the Law Society of Upper Canada. This may expand in the future due to rising litigation costs and an increasing number of unrepresented parties in court, among other factors.

Currently, Paralegals may act in the following areas of law:

  1. Small Claims Court- handles claims up to $25,000.00, such as slip and fall, employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, contract disputes, and unpaid invoices;
  2. Criminal Summary Convictions (criminal offences with a maximum $5,000.00 fine, imprisonment of up to 6 months, or both);
  3. Provincial Offences (e.g. offences under the Highway Traffic Act); and
  4. Boards and Tribunals - a limited list includes:
    1. Landlord and Tenant Board - issues of rent and maintenance, etc.;
    2. Financial Services Commission of Ontario - claims resulting from automobile accidents and SABs - Statutory Accident Benefits; and
    3. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - claims regarding workplace injuries.

Being restricted, or choosing a specialized area of law, should not be viewed negatively. It offers benefits such as an increased familiarity with the particular area of law, knowledge of rules and procedures, and a certain level of expertise.

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