Should I Use A Paralegal Or A Lawyer?

Paralegals and Lawyers are educated, licensed professionals, regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. All Paralegals and Lawyers are required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance and to comply with strict Code of Conduct rules.

In general, Lawyers charge higher fees than Paralegals. However, Paralegals may not practice in all the areas of law that Lawyers may practice. Currently only Lawyers are licensed to practice in the areas of wills and estates, family law, and real estate law. This may change in the future as the Law Society of Upper Canada reviews the scope of practice for Paralegals.

Often people think they are dealing with a certain type of legal matter only to find out that it is a legal matter of an entirely different nature. Each set of circumstances is unique, requiring analysis that only a trained professional can provide.

Call a Paralegal first, to find if your matter may be represented by a Paralegal. It will likely cost you nothing to realize whether you can save money by retaining a qualified, professional Paralegal as opposed to a Lawyer.

A licensed, trained, Paralegal is available to assist you with the analysis of your particular circumstances at Graham Scott Legal Services.

Any information contained in this site is intended as general introductory information and does not amount to legal advice. For legal advice you should consult with a licensed Lawyer or Paralegal. The information in this site does not provide any warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, in relation to the accuracy of its content. No Paralegal-Client relationship arises as a result of reading the information contained herein. No liability exists on the part of Graham Scott Legal Services, its agents or employees, as a result of the use, attempted use, or misuse of the information provided.

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